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Tuesday, 31 May 2011


In the dim distant past when nobody cared how fat you were or that you'd eaten yet another 3 pack of walnut whips when you'd promised you wouldn't, life was a lot simpler.

'Do the Washing Up' was written in either late 79 or early '80 and certainly featured on the Circus Records session which was done in February 81. In fact if I could be arsed to go over to the drawer i could probably pin the date down exactly.

Well, I did look and I have no record of it.

Needless to say. It's a waltz tempo . In Bb. In fact, Bb to F# if you want to play along, and like all Dangerous Brothers songs, tells the heart wrenching tale of life on the frontline in those crucial years when Thatcher first came to prominence. Mainly it was about my mum telling me to do the washing up .

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  1. Have you started using your dishwasher yet? When I visited you last you had a delightful brand new dishwasher in your kitchen.

    I find as I get older I like doing the washing up more and more. Unfortunately Kate prefers me to use the dishwasher.

    I guess secretly you're like me and prefer to do it by hand. If I recall correctly you also like to horde your washing up so you can have a really full on session.

    I wonder if others from our House like washing up as much as us.