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Thursday 22 November 2012

Rare CLUB WHOOPEE recordings unearthed

Sunday 25th 1983 (as my diary NOW tells me...) saw a one off recording session by a one off version of the band CLUB WHOOPEE at the Milborne port studio in Dorset.

The studio was booked from 11am to 7.30 in the evening and 3 Kim Newman/Brian Smedley songs were recorded.

The first track 'Brazil' had already featured in the musical 'The Gold-Diggers of 1981'-script & lyric by Kim Newman, Music by Brian Smedley, starred Kim on lead vocals , the second 'Philadelphia Cheese' had Lynne Cramer singing and the third track 'Rock n Roll Lizard' had a host of guest celebrities .

The music for the day was exclusively down to Brian Smedley - playing guitars,bass and keyboards and Kevin 'Nervo' Freeman on drums. The lead vocal was shared between Rob Hackwill and Brian Smedley with Lynne Cramer, Kim Newman,Kevin Freeman & Eugene Byrne on backing. Opening dialogue is by Dean Skilton, beach party back chat from Lynne and Eugene and Vincent Price fade out from Kim.

There's an odd 4 note Dali-esque sax flourish at one point from a girl called Sian (who we never saw again) but who also played clarinet on Philadelphia Cheese.

The other odd note I have in my diary is that I stayed on to mix down the session and hitched back through the night to lift being in an ice cream van....but life was THAT exciting in them days.