Not everything in life is simple. Red Smed, however, is. And to prove it this blog has been set up to take you deep into his deranged socialist utopia where Lenin was quite a nice bloke, , Bridgwater has been renamed Parretgrad , every home has to display a portrait of Jake Thackray and Leeds United are at the top of the premier league.

Monday 14 December 2020

Is It Christmas 2020 Already??

Well, yes it is. And combined with Covid I've got fuck all else to do so it's high time for me to devote a bit of pointless time to updating the Red Smed Hit Parade. That's the hit list of all my you tube videos based on well 'hits' by the general public and which will show me  which songs are the most popular this year...and, er, of course, which ones people hit on thinking it's something else..(see the top 5). It's always a surprise to me as well yes thanks for asking. But this year i've got my good friend Derek helping me. We've made a few videos together this year and as a songwriting team we're getting on really well. He's asked me to do a full album of lockdown videos...which..the way things are going...I'll probably do round about Boxing Day. That's if I haven't strangled the little fucker.


To hear any of these songs go to last years page, scroll down and find all of them HERE.