Not everything in life is simple. Red Smed, however, is. And to prove it this blog has been set up to take you deep into his deranged socialist utopia where Lenin was quite a nice bloke, , Bridgwater has been renamed Parretgrad , every home has to display a portrait of Jake Thackray and Leeds United are at the top of the premier league.


 1984 -Smed in the Sheep Worrying Office during the Miners Strike. When the Sedgemorons split up the following year Smed and Lianne Bruce former RED SMED with Dave Hanna on Tea chest bass and vocals to do Political songs to raise money for Socialist causes. Gareth Beasley (top of head shown) and Anne Dixey went on to form 'The Inflatable Ducks' to do more poppy material. Stuart Croskell went on to form the band The Bernard and finally joined the Hot Trots in 2008.

Cat-who sang backing and lead on both albums was gigging regularly with the band by 2009. Right we see her between Stuart and her dad at a gig in Falmouth  supporting the Ragged Trousered Philanthropists.
In December 2002 Joe Strummer and Jake Thackray died in the same week over christmas. Both big influences we decided to hold a trubute gig at the Labour club in memory of them. The band left includes Dave Newton (Mandolin,  Heidi Powell vocals, Smed guitar, Elaine di Campo vocals, Matt Bartlett bass and Kev Freeman drums -although in the picture he hadn't yet turned up and some other punk is sitting in for the soundcheck)

Right is a 2009 incarnation of the band with Kev on drums,Cat on lead vocals Nick Tuckwell on bass and Smed on guitar. The venue is the Labour Club.Bridgwater

above  is the same line up at Taunton Rockers in 2009 (Cat joined by Heidi on vocals)

Right is a 2008 gig at the Palace Bridgwater with Dave,Cat Heidi ,Matt and Smed front stage

above  is a picture from the Bridgwater Mercury of the band playing at the 2008 'Somerfest' event in Cranleigh gardens.

above right is the DO THE WASHING UP album cover designed by Dave Newton

Left the original cover for the 1987 cassette album 'Songs for Swinging Communists'

Below PARRETGRAD the album with artwork by Milos Salus