Not everything in life is simple. Red Smed, however, is. And to prove it this blog has been set up to take you deep into his deranged socialist utopia where Lenin was quite a nice bloke, , Bridgwater has been renamed Parretgrad , every home has to display a portrait of Jake Thackray and Leeds United are at the top of the premier league.

Sunday 21 December 2014

Yet again PARTISAN SONG tops Red Smed Christmas Playlist

It remains absolutely no surprise that for the 6th year running, in fact that's every year since it was released, the PARTISAN SONG has topped the Red Smed  'You Tube' playlist, now reaching an unassailable 323,867 plays, which is more than Gary Barlow put together.

Red Smed explains. "I keep saying , it's because people think they've found the Red Army choir version. "

This certainly explains the next song on the list too. 'Katyusha' is also big with communists scouring the net for songs with a big anti fascist history so it must be an extra special pleasure when they accidentally stumble across Red Smed playing it in the style of Hank Marvin.

Red Smed continued "It probably isn't 'that' welcome a surprise. Theyre probably angry as fuck."

However, with 5,739 plays it's a long way behind the dizzy heights of the Partisan Song. But, oddly not so far behind 'Leon Trotsky', currently on 4,118. Finally a self penned song ! So to what does Red Smed attribute this?

"Well, people probably trying to find a website about Leon Trotsky is my guess" He hazards a guess.

But how could this be the case with the next song on the list, the celebrated  1980 Dangerous Brothers hit "Secret Seven" . Actually, by this stage it was pointless asking as it was all becoming pretty obvious...... the full list...which...if you want to influence the running can click on and listen to.....

Partisan songRed SmedTrad323,867
KatyushaRed SmedTrad5,739
Leon TrotskyRed SmedSmedley4,118
Secret SevenDangerous BrothersSmedley1,762
Route 666Club WhoopeeTrad1,177
BridgwaterRed SmedSmedley1,015
Me and My CloneRed SmedSmedley/Newman929
Fat Bald DaveRed SmedSmedley683
Drop Dead DarlingRed SmedSmedley/Kane586
I'm Too Fat to RockRed SmedSmedley/Newman570
Ello Ello ElloDangerous BrothersSmedley/Newton534
County CouncillorDangerous BrothersSmedley505
Bohemia SektThe VisitorsBartlett423
Buddy can you spare a DimeClub WhoopeeTrad375
False NoseDangerous BrothersSmedley356
Party at BriansRed SmedSmedley/Beasley/Fraser/Bruce353
The InternationaleRed Smedtrad300
Swedish Language yeh yeh yehRed SmedSmedley292
Rock n Roll LizardClub WhoopeeSmedley/Newman276
Do the Washing upRed SmedSmedley280
When Teddy’s GoneThe SpannersSmedley/Vernon268
The Magnificent SeveralRed SmedTrad262
Don’t be so bloody MiserableRed SmedSmedley253
Rock n Roll is Pretty ExcitingRed SmedSmedley/Beasley/Fraser/Bruce230
GreedThe SedgemoronsSmedley212
We’re all going ShoppingRed SmedSmedley/Kane173
MultifreightRed SmedSmedley159
I Need a GirlfriendThe SedgemoronsSmedley/Beasley 155
Stogumber Cajun GumboRed SmedSmedley119
Bonny Van DriverRed SmedSmedley107