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Monday 28 January 2019

You Think Country and Rap don't work together? Come and see Gangstagrass.

For the next couple of weeks I will be tour manager for the American band Gangstagrass and if you're anywhere near their tour route I'd suggest you dropped into a gig. Gangstagrass blend Hip-hop percussion and  bluegrass instrumentation with rap vocals and country backing. How does that work?? Better than anyone could imagine with "Banjo arpeggios and Fiddle flourishes tucked between  rapped verses, creating a bridge between two seemingly disparate genres." And that last quote wasn't me it was in Rolling Stone where one of their songs has been voted into the top 10 of all time influential country songs. So that's a recommendation in itself.

I took this lot on a tour in 2016. At that time it was the UK and Holland. Donald Trump had just been elected and they were embarrassed. Bernie Sanders supporters to a man. And woman. It's almost 3 years later and it'll be interesting to know what they think now....

If this lot don't sum up what's best about Americana then I don't know what does. Maybe someone will cross Rage against the Machine with the Everly Brothers one day and that'll be that.

Tour itenary

The tour takes us from London on 29th January where they're playing the American Festival in Hackney (at the Nightales) along with a host of other US bands to Portsmouth, Wedgewood Rooms on Jan 30th then down to the Pheonix in Exeter on31st.

By February they're up country. Well, Bristol. Where they play the Thekla on Feb 1st and Oxford 02 Academy on Feb 2nd then up to Manchester Band on the Wall on Feb 3.

Hopefully hitting Scotland before the snow does, they'll be at the Inchyra Arts Centre on Feb 5th and Glasgow Hug and Pint on Feb 6th.

Back to England it's Newcastle the Cluny on Feb 7th and Birmingham 02 institute 3 on Feb 8th winding up at the Garage on Highbury corner back in London on Feb 9th.

Rench yourself off your sofa

I'll be there. And so should you be Dave. Dave? Where's Dave gone. Bloody hell.

Red Smed